We strive to stay within our Turnaround Time at all times however turnaround times are best guessed estimates. We try to update our customers in our newsletter, direct emails, Facebook group, social media, and on our website if we have any delays. 

We print labels once orders are ready to ship. Please allow 72 hours for the tracking to start movement. Our packages are picked up daily Monday - Friday.

We promise we do not hold onto your packages once a label is printed. At most it is 24 hours if we package after USPS comes for the day and it is picked up the following business day. 

Our local post office does not scan every single order and it does not get scanned until it reaches the distribution center in Charlotte or Statesville. This can take 48-72 hours especially during busy days. 

We do have a new distribution center in Statesville. If you utilize the SHOP APP, it does sometime show your item is in "Korea" If you open the actual tracking on USPS, it will show it is in a local zip code. They are still updating this as a distribution center as it is brand new. 

Once your package is out of our hands, it is out of our control. We recommend you file a Missing Mail if under 15 Business Days or Submit a Claim if over 15 business days. We do put insurance on a majority of our packages. 

Business Days start the following day after you order (no matter the time of day) and do not include weekends of Federal Holidays. 

We do have an updated list of expected Ship By Dates based on the max TAT for each type of order. You can view it online and under our TAT page that does include more details.