Storing Transfers:

DTF print transfers must be stored correctly in order to last for a long time. It will be enough to know the correct conditions as follows.

There is no true shelf life from DTF as it varies on the factors of how it is stored. We recommend using your prints within 30 days however it is estimated that you can store for up to 12 months if conditions are correct. 

You will want to have your humidity low; less than 50% to prevent moisture affecting the powder on the back of the images. 

Transfers should be laid flat horizontal and in a cool/dry location. This can be in an airtight container or in storage shelves. You just want to ensure they are not near a heat source including heating vents. Storing in a closed box or container will prevent dust from accruing as well. 

We recommend that you write the date of receiving your transfers if you are storing them. You want to ensure you use them oldest to newest and this can also help you gauge how long your DTF transfers will store in your personal set up.

Caring for Pressed Garments:

Kai Rae recommends that all of pressed graphics are washed inside out on a cool cycle.

You can hang dry for longevity and to prevent any pulling that can occur during the dry cycle. You can use a no/low heat tumble dry but this can pull on the transfer with additional heat added to the print. 

HEAT CAN RUIN ANY TRANSFER AS HEAT IS THE WAY IT IS APPLIED. We recommend you do not wash any pressed garment for at least 48 hours to allow the print to fully cure to the material. 

The less heat that is used during wash will reduce the amount of wear that any graphic eventually will have and keep your graphics vibrant!

Our number one goal is to keep your garments looking like the day you bought them!

Failure to care for the garment with low/no heat can cause your print to fade or damage.