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Kai Rae Transfers



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OUR SIZING IS BASED ON THE LONGEST SIDE OF THE IMAGE. Please take this into consideration when purchasing your prints. A vertical print will not be 11" wide as it will be based on the length. 


Almost all of our DTF transfers are offered in the following sizes. 

3.5" on the longest side - Pocket
5" on the longest side - Infant
7‚ÄĚ on the longest side - Youth
11" on the longest side - Reg Adult
13" on the longest side - Large Adult
15" on the longest side - XL Adult
Sizing is manually adjusted and can be up to .75" off in variance.

If images are incorrectly sized, we will reprint at no cost for you however we will not reprint due to not understanding how we size our images. We size from the widest point of the entire print which includes any background designs. Our prints are cropped to only include the printing area and that is where we size from. 

If you feel the sizing is incorrect, please send us a photo of the print with a tape measure from the furthest opposite points on the longest side.


Prints arrive on a roll. They will not be cut!


We strive to stay within our Turnaround Time at all times however turnaround times are best guessed estimates. We try to update our customers in our newsletter, direct emails, Facebook group, social media, and on our website if we have any delays. 

We print labels once orders are ready to ship. Please allow 72 hours for the tracking to start movement. Our packages are picked up daily Monday - Friday.

We promise we do not hold onto your packages once a label is printed. At most it is 24 hours if we package after USPS comes for the day and it is picked up the following business day. 

Our local post office does not scan every single order and it does not get scanned until it reaches the distribution center in Charlotte or Statesville. This can take 48-72 hours especially during busy days. 

We do have a new distribution center in Statesville. If you utilize the SHOP APP, it does sometime show your item is in "Korea" If you open the actual tracking on USPS, it will show it is in a local zip code. They are still updating this as a distribution center as it is brand new. 

Once your package is out of our hands, it is out of our control. We recommend you file a Missing Mail if under 15 Business Days or Submit a Claim if over 15 business days. We do put insurance on a majority of our packages. 

Business Days start the following day after you order (no matter the time of day) and do not include weekends of Federal Holidays. 

We do have an updated list of expected Ship By Dates based on the max TAT for each type of order. You can view it online and under our TAT page that does include more details.



All Single Orders 5-15 Business Days 
All Gang Sheet Orders 5-15 Business Days 
All Rush Orders 2-5 Business Days


View Expected Ship By Dates



DTF is the process in which designs are printed directly onto a film. The design is able to be applied to almost any substrate/material and can go on any color item.

Every Heat Press is different, temps and pressure are not always accurate or even so adjusting for your individual press is necessary, we highly recommend a heat gun. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PRESSING ISSUES DUE TO INACCURATE TEMPERATURE OR PRESSURE.

Direct To Film Transfers

  • High Pressure (8-9 manual) 60PSI Automatic
  • Cold Peel
    • Poly Blend - Temp: 275, Time: 10 sec
    • Tri Blend - Temp: 275, Time: 10 sec
    • 50/50 - Temp: 300, Time: 12 sec
    • Cotton - Temp: 325, Time: 15 sec
  • Double Press With Parchment Paper For Best Results


We are not responsible for damaged transfers after you have pressed them. Please make sure you are knowledgable on your heat, pressing pressure and peeling technique. This includes using non-commercial grade heat presses or irons to try and use our transfers. 


We recommend using a heat gun to verify your heat temperature and the use a pressure test prior to pressing. 

Items should not be washed for at least 48 hours. Please allow the shirt to completely set with the item. You can view further care instructions for both transfers and pressed garments here.  

Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear different on different monitors. Computer monitors are not all calibrated equally and color reproduction on the Internet is not precise.


Storing Transfers:

DTF print transfers must be stored correctly in order to last for a long time. It will be enough to know the correct conditions as follows.

There is no true shelf life from DTF as it varies on the factors of how it is stored. We recommend using your prints within 30 days however it is estimated that you can store for up to 12 months if conditions are correct. 

You will want to have your humidity low; less than 50% to prevent moisture affecting the powder on the back of the images. 

Transfers should be laid flat horizontal and in a cool/dry location. This can be in an airtight container or in storage shelves. You just want to ensure they are not near a heat source including heating vents. Storing in a closed box or container will prevent dust from accruing as well. 

We recommend that you write the date of receiving your transfers if you are storing them. You want to ensure you use them oldest to newest and this can also help you gauge how long your DTF transfers will store in your personal set up.

Caring for Pressed Garments:

Kai Rae recommends that all of pressed graphics are washed inside out on a cool cycle.

You can hang dry for longevity and to prevent any pulling that can occur during the dry cycle. You can use a no/low heat tumble dry but this can pull on the transfer with additional heat added to the print. 

HEAT CAN RUIN ANY TRANSFER AS HEAT IS THE WAY IT IS APPLIED. We recommend you do not wash any pressed garment for at least 48 hours to allow the print to fully cure to the material. 

The less heat that is used during wash will reduce the amount of wear that any graphic eventually will have and keep your graphics vibrant!

Our number one goal is to keep your garments looking like the day you bought them!

Failure to care for the garment with low/no heat can cause your print to fade or damage.



We're Desirae and Jake - a husband and wife dream team. We have managed successful businesses in the fashion industry over the last decade and so excited to bring you new line of graphics! We sell directly to the customer and have competitive rates for our wholesale customers

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We have a long list of FAQ's that you can view here!



If your custom item is submitted and not correct, it will be cancelled for a store credit only.

Rush Orders are processed immediately and cannot be changed or cancelled once placed.

Any requested cancellations that can be processed will be provided a store credit for the entire purchase price. They will not be refunded to the original payment as all sales are final.  

Once an item is queued to print, we cannot stop processing for any reason. All orders are made to order and we cannot stop mid-production.

Shipping prices are base on the weight of your package. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. Each package is shipped priority and does come with $100 in insurance.

Please know we do not work the weekends or any major holidays.


All damaged or order issues must be emailed to us within 7 days of receiving the product per the tracking. Please inspect your file immediately and store in a low humidity space. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.